Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Showers!

So the cookie obsession continues and each time I'm trying new techniques (sugar coating, wet-on-wet flowers) and learning through trial and error.  I tried a new recipe (not these pictured) and they held their shape wonderfully but didn't taste great. They were kind of your typical bleh sugar cookie. I really like Sweet Sugar Belle's recipe however, as you can see (especially on the umbrella), they spread a bit.  Even in her notes, she acknowledges this issue and suggests adding a little more flour. I'll try that next time because I thought chilling the dough might help but it had no effect at all! Next time: more flour.

But when I was thinking of what to make next, April Showers was easy: my birthday's in April so I've always loved April junk. Daisies, rain, greenery; Taurus is an Earth sign, after all. It wasn't until I got to decorating that I realized I only had yellow (other than blue) as a color to do up the umbrellas... and I really dislike blue/yellow. ugh. So I'm not super happy with this set but, oh well.  I'll plan ahead better next time.

But the daisy came out okay! I'm noticing now that I got the flood consistency pretty set that it doesn't actually hold that beautiful bump when it dries and (as seen in the daisy petals and blue/white umbrella sections) it makes a little dip. Well, on the petals, it's kind of brilliant. Like I totally planned it! ha ha... ha... Sure.

The daisy was done by alternating petals and letting one round set before going back over with the second round (slightly overlapping).  Then a big ol' mound of yellow in the center after all the petals were done and when THAT was dry, alternating dots around the edge (they'd run together if I piped them touching).

Also, if I had planned better, I would've made little raindrops too... All the clouds and raindrops were cut out using a homemade plastic template which was time consuming but I had a specific shape in mind for the raining cloud.  But little drops would've been cuter. :/

Anyhoo. There they are! April showers! Hope my family enjoys them at Sunday brunch!

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