Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22 - Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Not only do I super love Earth Day because of the awesome sentiment and the beautiful greenery that goes with it, it's also my birthday! In my quest to find ideas for designs, I came across some lovely cookies from a young lady who had a giveaway and declared Earth Day was someday in March and I went 'Nuh uh never!!'  It's always April 22nd!

So I wanted to try this whole transfer idea with the land on Earth because I wanted it to be exact and every batch of cookies is a new experiment (I used the #1 tip with these! First time!).  However when I made the tiny lines on the wax paper, tracing the globes underneath, I couldn't get them off the paper and it just didn't work.  So. Back to basics. Hand drawn!

Yeah I eyeballed that junk. W00t! Not too terrible eh?

Also, I made the trees and leaves with a handmade plastic template because I didn't have time to buy cutters.  AND this is a new cookie recipe (the one I used on the flag cookies ages ago that I don't remember how they tasted). I'm going to let my family try them next to the April Showers cookies of last week and tell me which tastes better.  I have a feeling it's going to be the others (that spread; sadface). I'll figure out how to make them hold their shape like these lovely little trees did!

So go plant a tree and recycle your trash and reuse your bags and all that Earth-friendly stuff!

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